Happy People Tend to Be Healthy People – Make Money While You Live Healthy.

Stress is so detrimental to your health, and by finding your happy, you are able to increase your wellbeing and lower your stress levels, which helps you to get more done. You will feel more energized and able to work on your business, knowing that you are an excellent role model for the products and lifestyle you are promoting and sharing.

Happy People Are Peak Performers

Being happy is contagious – it allows you to be more productive, make better decisions, which in turn means you are likely to perform better.

Introducing things like systems and procedures can help boost your performance, but not as much as boosting your happiness.

So the next time you’re looking to be better at what you do – focus on doing the things that you love. When you focus on being happier, you open yourself up to learning so much more.

Happy People Are Solution Focused

Instead of worrying and focusing on what’s wrong, happy people choose to focus on what is going right, and take a strengths based approach to life and business.

Happy people complain less, have a broader mindset, and are able to come up with more creative solutions for problems. This means that you are able to tackle adversities or set backs more easily, and develop the resiience to keep on going.

Happy People Invest In Themselves

You know as a Forever Business Owner that there is so much value in investing in yourself in order to grow yourself and your business. You are provided with a wealth of trainings inspiration, and recognition through the company that you can dive in to to support your growth.

You might notice that when you don’t feel great, or you’re in a bit of a funk, you are less inclined to want to show up for yourself and your learning – but when you do you feel so much better as a result.

Investing in yourself is always going to move you along the path of success.

Happy People Are More Optimistic

Glass half empty or glass half full? This question is so common it’s almost a cliché now, but it’s very much grounded in science.

Being optimistic is known to create more success, help you reach your goals more quickly, and even help you live longer! (Around 7 extra healthy years, to be precise)

If you’re happier, you’re more likely to be an optimist, and to choose to view things with a sense of hope and anticipation for something good. So remember when you get asked that question about your glass… that the answer is, “it’s  full, and abundantly full and overflowing!”

Happy People Are More Productive

When you’re in a good mood you get more done. Fact. Of. Life. You know from last week’s article that positive emotions help switch on your brain and mean you don’t see your activities as being such a chore.

By choosing to enhance your happy every day, you boost your motivation and make progress through that accomplishment list.

So, if you needed any more reason to focus on your happiness, I just gave you six!

Make sure to do something to make yourself and those around you smile today.


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