Natural Treatment for Diabetes 

Natural Treatment for Diabetes: Diabetes Mellitus Type II is most frequently found in adults and Type I in children.  This disease occurs when the sugar concentration (glucose) in the blood is elevated.

What is Fibroid?

FIBROID & CYSTS NATURAL TREATMENT WITH FOREVER LIVING: Fibroid is a muscular tumor that grow in the wall of the uterus (womb). Another medical term for fibroid is “leucotomy”. Fibroid  is almost always benign (not cancerous). Fibroid can grow as a single tumor, or there can be many of them in the uterus. They can be as small as an apple seed or as big as a grapefruit. In unusual cases they can become very large.

What women need to know about fibroid

About 20 percent to 80 percent of women develop fibroid by the time they reach age 50. Fibroid is most common in women in their 40s and early 50s.

Not all women with fibroid have symptoms though, women who do have symptoms often find fibroid hard to live with. Some have pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. Fibroid also can put pressure on the bladder, causing frequent urination, or the rectum, causing rectal pressure. Should the fibroid get very large, it can cause the abdomen (stomach area) to enlarge, making a woman look pregnant.

Causes of Fibroid

There are factors that can increase a woman’s risk of developing fibroid.

  • Hormonal (affected by estrogen and progesterone levels)
  • Genetic (runs in families)

Because no one knows for sure what causes fibroid, we also don’t know what causes them to grow or shrink. We do know that they are under hormonal control — both estrogen and progesterone. It grows rapidly during pregnancy, when hormone levels are high. They shrink when anti-hormone medication is used. Fibroid also stop growing or shrink once a woman reaches menopause.

  • Age.- Fibroid become more common as women age, especially during the 30s and 40s through menopause. After menopause, fibroid usually shrink.
  • Family history. Having a family member with fibroid increases your risk. If a woman’s mother had fibroid, her risk of having them is about three times higher than average.
  • Ethnic origin. African-American women are more likely to develop fibroid than white women.
  • Obesity. Women who are overweight are at higher risk for fibroid. For very heavy women, the risk is two to three times greater than average.
  • Eating habits. Eating a lot of red meat (e.g., beef) and ham is linked with a higher risk of fibroid. Eating plenty of green vegetables seems to protect women from developing fibroid


Most fibroid do not cause any symptoms, but some women with fibroid can have the following;

  • Heavy bleeding (which can be heavy enough to cause anemia) or painful periods
  • Feeling of fullness in the pelvic area (lower stomach area)
  • Enlargement of the lower abdomen
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain during sex
  • Lower back pain
  • Complications during pregnancy and labor, including a six-time greater risk of cesarean section
  • Reproductive problems, such as infertility, which is very rare


Recommended Remedy 

1 Aloe Berry Nectar – besides their reputation as a cleanser for the urinary tract, cranberries provide a high content of vitamin c. they are also a natural source of healthy proanthocyanidins, which help to remove harmful free radicals from cells

2. Garlic Thyme – Garlic Thyme: Aside from the fact that it helps to strengthen the immune system in the body, it also helps in lowering blood cholesterol. With its strong powerful antioxidant and control of blood pressure in the body.Through its support of the immune system garlic has been shown to neutralize free radicals in the bloodstream, which if left unchecked can damage healthy cells.            The International Food and Information Council (IFIC) cites many examples where garlic effectively offers protection against these free radicals!

3. Lycium Plus – This is Chinese fruit that has been used for centuries for energy, enhancement of complexion and vision with very strong antioxidant of vitamin C and E which is needed in the body.The lycium plus is a dietary supplement intended as a source of antioxidants, bioflavonoids and other benefical phytonutrients, rich in amino acid which is actually the building block of protein and vitamin.This makes it perfect for the kidney and the liver as a result of its strong antioxidant propertiesSo what makes this product safe to use and why would I even recommend it to you?. 

 5. Bee Propolis 

Propolis is known over the years as one of the strongest natural antibiotics, an excellent aid against bacterial infections. It is fortified with Royal Jelly, contains 22 amino acids, B-Complex, enzymes and Vitamins ; a super food. Enhances the Immune functions; useful against inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, dry cough and throat, halitosis, ulcer, acne, feverish condition and digestive disorders. Ideal for upper respiratory infections; cough , flu and cold. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties It is good for all cases of germs, abscesses, tumors, and wounds, septic conditions and inflammations etc

5. Garcinia Plus



HOW TO BECOME MANAGER AS FLP DISTRIBUTOR: To achieve the prestigious manager level in 3-4 months, this is simply what you need to do.

Here are some of the proven methods to achieving manager level in FLP

You cannot overemphasize the importance of TEAMWORK!!!
Get a better and supporting team member who would encourage you, motivate your, support you and help you grow.


1. Set up all your website, facebook and google adverts and do all I have told you to do. in the previous post. IF YOU NEED HELP, ALL 08038934814
In the first month doing this, you will definitely acquire nothing less than 5cc.
2. Share this concept with 10 serious minded friends. This you can do by talking to them one on one, or by sending this report to them.
3. I want to assume that you are able to do this same month that you started. I also want to assume that they will not start until the beginning of the following month.
So let’s assume that you start in February, 2020.And you started sharing this idea with 10 people online and offline.By end of February, you would have made your own 5cc.And this 10 people comes in by first week in March.
4. You continue your Killer Selling Strategy into March and also mentor them to do so.You make your 5cc again in March, and each of them do same in March.By March ending, this is going to be the outlook of your selling system and rank.

February – you had 5cc – you become Assistant Supervisor
March – you had 5cc again.your ten people also had 5cc each making 55cc (50 + 5)
Since changing of ranks happen after 2 consecutive months (Feb & March in this case),you now have a total of 5cc (Feb) + 55cc (March)=60cc
This automatically makes you a Supervisor!
5. In April, you continue your Killer Selling Strategy alongside with your 10 people who by now also have their 10 people each.
Let’s see what will happen.

5cc (you) + 50cc (your primary 10 people) + 500cc (your secondary 100 people) =555cc!!! – Only in April.

Since changing of ranks happen in 2 consecutive months (March & April), you will have:
55cc (March) + 555cc (April)= 610cc!
And you only need 120cc to become a MANAGER!


Let’s see a very worst case scenario now.
Let’s assume your secondary 100 people (your initial 10 bringing 10 people each using this approach which everyone would like to be part of), were just able to get 5 people each on board this opportunity.
You will still have 10 x 5people each =50.
if each of these 50 do their 5cc which is more than possible, you still get 250cc from them alone!

Let’s look at the very, very, very worst case situation.

Let’s imagine your secondary 10 people could only do 1 person each who does 5cc in the month of April.
That will give us 5cc (you), 50cc (from your primary 10people), 50cc (from your secondary 10people) = 105cc Plus what you had in March (55cc) = 160cc. You’re Still Manager!

Do you think you have 10 people who are hungry for change?
Are you hungry for change yourself?
Are you also aware that you can even do more than 20 people using this Killer Selling Strategy?

Do you know you can start making millions every month before this year runs out?
Are you aware that once you become a Manager, you also stand the chance of qualifying for global trips across the world and also winning a car worth N3.5Million in the first category?
Would you neglect this opportunity because it is so cheap to get compared to the potential for wealth creation inside it? Well the choice is yours.
I am willing and ready to work with you to make this a reality.
The future is cheap for those who buy today.


Happy People Tend to Be Healthy People – Make Money While You Live Healthy.


Let’s get started Now.
Direct all inquiries to:, whatsApp/call: 08038934814


THE RANKING SYSTEM IN FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS BUSINESS: In this business, there is a ranking system.The higher you go up in rank, the more money you make.

1. New Distributor – this is the starting point. Here, you only make retail profit. For you to start getting company bonus, you need to move up to become an Assistant Supervisor (2cc)

2. Assistant Supervisor (2cc) – you can achieve this within one week with the Killer Selling Strategy explained above. Just sell 5 Clean 9 packs and you become an Assistant Supervisor.
Your company bonus here is 5%

3. Supervisor (25cc) – this is the next rank after Asst Supervisor. This is where teamwork comes in. Everyone that joins this business via your network becomes a member of your team and their activity also counts for you.
Your company bonus here is 8%


4. Assistant Manager (75cc) – this is the next rank after Supervisor. This is also easier to achieve with team effort. Your company bonus here is 13%.

5. Manager (120cc) – this should be your target from the onset. I will soon show you how you can achieve this in 3-4 months with team work. Your company bonus here is 18%.You also qualify for other incentives at this level.
Good Luck! For enquiries, kindly reach us on 08038934814 (whatsapp)


HOW TO MAKE GOOD SALES FROM FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS: This method I want to show you here is not popular among so many people who do this kind of business yet. Some ‘hawk’ product around trying to convince their friends and families to buy. This has discouraged so many people who would have started this business earlier from starting because they don’t want to find themselves in this kind of situation where you “beg” and “disturb” friends and families to buy from you.
Also you will have more customer reach with this online approach that I am going to reveal to you here. Infarct, I will say that with this approach, you will have access to more customers “who can pay”. Not those who will keep saying your product is expensive.


As earlier mentioned, the need for this strategy is to have access to numerous customers who have what it takes to buy your products anywhere in Nigeria.
It should also be noted at this point that the company making this opportunity available also have in place a fantastic and cheap courier delivery arrangement with Fedex/Redstar Courier Services.
A pack of Clean 9 is about 4kg in weight and if you have to send this for example, from Lagos to Kano, you would normally be required to pay close to N10,000.
But with the arrangement in place with this company and Fedex/Redstar,


And the best part of it is that you do all this online.
Place an order for a customer in your name, insert the customer’s address for delivery, choose the courier option, and make payment.
This you can even do on your phone with the several forms of phone available these days.
Let’s get back to our “Killer Selling Strategy”.

You will need the following to start:

1. A domain name
2. Free one year hosting
3. A one page website built to collect potential customer’s details (Squeeze page)
4. A bulk sms account needed for sending customized bulk sms
5. A well designed sales page for marketing of your Clean9 business
6. And a minimum of N10, 000 in your account dedicated to running paid advert on Facebook.


Let’s break it down further.


A domain name is the address of your website.
For instance, mine is
You can simply go to google and type in domain registrars in Nigeria and so many will show up.
Check for the availability of your preferred domain name and once it is available, quickly register it.
If you got this manual from me, then you can be so sure I am also available to help you get this done if you do not have the time to handle this yourself.


Your domain name and website design will not go live online without hosting. Hosting is what actually gives you online presence. If you have the most beautiful website design and domain name and you refuse to host it online, it will only continue to gather digital dust on your computer.
This can also be fixed for you if you order this report directly from me.


Most people interested in starting an online business usually get stucked here. They don’t know how to design a web page.

What we have decided to do is to help you do all these at a little cost of just N30,000 only!
I mean, you will get the following done for you for just N30,000.
i. We will help you register a domain name
ii. We will help you with a one year hosting service
iii. We will help you design and set up a squeeze page and sales page for the sales of your Clean 9.
All these will be done for you with just an investment of N30,000 only!
The website set up you will get will look like the following:
And so many others.
Isn’t this interesting?
And this will be ready within 7 days of payment.
All you need do is to send us the following details:
a. Your Full Name
b. Phone number
c. Address
d. Email address
e. Bank Account Details
f. Whatsapp Number

Let’s move on.

The next thing you will have to do is to drive traffic to your websites (most importantly your squeeze page)
The essence of driving traffic to your squeeze page is to collect potential customer’s details (name, phone number, email).
This is so vital because not all of them will buy the same time. You need these details for follow up with your autoresponder mails and bulk sms.
How do you then drive traffic?

Using Facebook

Facebook is a money spinner my friend.
Millions of people who are in serious need for this product are on Facebook.
Setting up a highly effective paid advert on Facebook may not be something you can get to understand as a newbie easily. Meanwhile, we have you covered.
One of the bonuses you have gotten alongside this report is a video explaining how to really set up your Facebook advert without getting disapproved by Facebook.
Facebook advert approval is something only a few of us have gotten a way around easily here in Nigeria.
For your advert to start running, you need to add a payment method. This is your ATM card (either Mastercard, Vis, or Verve).Any of these will be appropriate.
You can start your advert with a daily budget of $10/day and increase this as you keep getting result.
You will remember that at the beginning of this report, I said you can start this business with N40,000 – N45,000.
And so far, all what you need to set up your website is still about N50,000.
The remaining N10,000 – N15,000 is to run your facebook advert and follow up with bulk sms.
If you use a daily budget of $10/day,it means you will only spend about $70/week to run your advert. This is currently equivalent to about N19,600.



Beyond sales, you would also have gotten nothing less than 200-250 potential customers who have subscribed to on your website.
Whatever retail profit gotten from the initial sales are not yet profit please!
Push it back to continue running your advert on Facebook.


Bulk sms is also very vital in this business. You can register with any bulk sms company here in Nigeria.
I buy a unit of sms at a cost of N1.90K
So when you buy 1000 units, you only pay N1,900.
Every subscriber on my website daily receives a sms from me in this format:
“Thanks for subscribing on our website to know more about our amazing weightless product. Kindly visit the link below for all the details:

whatsApp/call: 08038934814

I ensure that every subscriber that enter their details on my website receives this same day!
The next thing I do is also to ensure that I send out general sms to everyone on my list once or twice in a week.This is necessary for follow up and also to ensure that they remember you whenever they want to buy.
Bulk sms is very important because not everyone have access to their emails regularly but most people (if not all) read their sms same day that they receive it.

What You Need To Do

Your responsibility therefore as soon as you start include the following:
1. Always be available to respond to questions and more details from your subscribers who add you on bbm and also on whatsapp. They want to know if they’re dealing with the right person.
2. Answer phone calls professionally. Potential customers who see your website already have a formed image in their mind about you. Most time, they see you ahead of time as a professional. So answer your calls professionally.
3. Read through a lot of the materials I will still send to you so as to be well equipped with all the necessary information about the product and the company.
4. Don’t always forget to send bulk sms to your daily subscribers
5. Once you are fully set up, I will also add you to a group of distributors like you on Whatsapp where you can interact with other people and ask several questions on things that may be unclear to you at the moment.

Are you ready to start this business right away?
It cost you nothing but you can gain everything.
Let me share one or two things with you about the company behind this opportunity.

FOR MORE INFO: whatsApp/call:08038934814


BENEFIT OF FOREVER LIVING CLEAN 9 – HOW DOES IT WORK?: Clean 9 is a weight management program that lasts for 9 days and helps you shed weight in areas like your tummy, thighs, arms and all over.
It works within 9 days and won’t need to be continued if you aren’t so big. One would lose between 5-10kg with one pack in 9 days. If you need to lose more, you’ll need the continuation pack called FIT 1 which lasts for 30 days.
Clean 9 is made up of strictly natural ingredients, has no side effect and detoxifies the body as well.

Clean 9 is a weight loss pack and it contains the following components;
a. 2 bottles of Aloe gel which detoxifies and aids digestive health;
b. 1 meal replacement shake that curbs hunger and is a complete meal at just 90 calories;
c. 1 bottle of Garcinia plus capsule that aids the breakdown of body fats and inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates to fat;
d. 1 bottle of Therm which helps boost your energy levels and kick-start metabolism, helping you on your weight-loss journey

e. 1 Fibre Pack which helps to support your optimal health and digestive function naturally

f. 1 measuring tape;
g. 1 shaker bottle;
h. A booklet that gives guidance on how to embark on this 9 day program.

ALOE GEL (2 bottles)

Drinking aloe vera gel helps to cleanse the digestive system and ensure better nutrient absorption. It also improves circulation, and several metabolic abnormalities. Clean 9 is an adaptagen-it adapts to the body and what the body needs. It also boosts the immune system.

This is a natural appetite suppressant and contains a number of ingredients that may help with losing weight. Some appetite suppressants on the market work on the central nervous system but Garcinia is not a stimulant of any kind.


This is a high protein meal replacement shake. It is made from soy protein. It is low in fat and saturated fat and 1 shake provides 50% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.
Therm: This will help accelerate your weight loss efforts so you see results faster and achieve your ultimate desired shape and weight loss goals. With a unique combination of natural extracts and nutrients, it can help boost your metabolism, to maximize your efforts.

The Fiber: This high quality natural supplement can also help limit feelings of sluggishness or low energy after we eat. It has been shown to support cardiovascular function and, of course, because scientists now recognize that up to 70% or 80% of immune function in the body is associated with the gastrointestinal tract, it may help to support the immune system via its benefits for digestive function.


Adequate soluble fiber intake can facilitate removal of waste products from the body and may help to relieve occasional constipation.

All these form the components inside the Clean 9 pack.


The product comes with the prestigious Kosher certification.
It is also NAFDAC certified.
Clean 9 cleanses the body of unnatural chemicals to kick-start a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.


Basic Instruction on Weight Management Using Clean 9 Program: These fruits and vegetables may be eaten in moderation any time during the Clean 9 program
All of the foods below are low on the glycemic index (GI) – a system that measures how much a particular food impacts your blood sugar on a scale of 1 to 100. Foods under 55 are considered low GI. Because these foods are low in calories, and have a minimal effect on your blood sugar, these can be enjoyed as a snack throughout the day to help curb cravings.
Free Fruits
• Apricots
• Apples
• Blackberries
• Blueberries
• Boysenberries
• Cherries
• Figs
• Red/Purple Grapes
• Grapefruit
• Kiwi Fruit
• Oranges
• Peaches
• Pears
• Plums
• Prunes
• Raspberries
• Strawberries
Free Vegetables
Vegetables should be eaten raw (with the exception of artichokes and soy) or lightly steamed without fats or oils. If desired, enhance the flavor with herbs or your favorite seasoning.
• Artichokes
• Arugula
• Asparagus
• Belgian Endive
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Celery
• Cucumber
• Eggplant
• Green Onions or Scallions
• Kale
• Leeks
• Lettuces – all varieties
• Peppers all varieties
• Romaine Lettuce
• Snow Peas or Sugar Snap Peas
• Soy Beans
• Spinach
• String Beans
• Tomatoes

Frequently Asked Questions – Basic Instruction on Weight Management Using Clean 9 Program

·         Does the Forever Living Aloe Gel taste really bad?

Personally I don’t mind the taste, it’s slightly bitter, but you get used to it. Worse case add some juice to it. (remember sugar free as this will increase your calorie intake) It is said the more toxins in your body the worse it will taste!!!! You can also drink it through a straw if this helps.

·         Will I get Headaches? 

Yes the chances are you will get a headache for the first 2 days and after that you will feel great. Drink plenty of water and don’t start the Clean 9 on a day when you have a very busy schedule. Headaches are a sign your body is detoxing.

·         I don’t like milk how will I survive?

Firstly they are protein shakes not milkshakes and they are only 300 mil so its not a lot to take. Secondly I hate milk and I found them fine. You can add soya, almond or coconut milk  instead of the milk or you can add water, ice and some berries and make it into a smoothie.  Two servings a day of Forever Lite Ultra, prepared with skim milk as directed, supply a full 100% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for the vitamins and minerals. Forever Lite Ultra supplies the 18 important amino acids, including essential, non-essential and the branch-chain amino acids. If you do make your shake on water you have an extra 100 calories to use on a healthy snack. The booklet in the Clean 9 gives you some suggestions on some healthy  100 calories snacks.

·         I am Diabetic can I do the detox ?

Yes you can, but you just start on day 3 of the Clean 9, You Do Not do the first 2 days of the detox.  Aloe Vera Gel helps lower blood sugar. Studies have found that people taking Aloe Vera gel over a 3 month period experienced a drop in fasting blood sugar levels and improved cholesterol levels.

The only people who can not do the Clean 9 are people who are on Warfarin or Mothers who are Breastfeeding.

Coumadin is the brand name for the prescription generic drug warfarin.

When you drink aloe juice, it works like a stimulant laxative by increasing the contractions of your bowel muscles and speeding up your bowel movements. This stimulating effect can cause diarrhea. NIH states that diarrhea can increase the effects of Coumadin, which can increase your risk of bleeding. You should avoid aloe juice if you are taking Coumadin.