Benefits of Arginine

The numbers don’t lie – cardiovascular health is a huge area of concern for both men and women in America today. The good news is that health experts everywhere – as well as numerous studies – say that making changes in diet and lifestyle can be a big help. But in the modern world, which is full of various factors that make it difficult to maintain optimal health, that’s easier said that done. But recent research focusing on an amino acid – L-arginine – and a key compound for which it is used to create inside the body shows there is real hope for those who need help with cardio support and other challenges.

Argi+ Forever Argi Plus

Arginine offers cardio support

About 2 decades ago, scientists began to truly uncover the wide variety of roles that L-arginine plays in the body. But perhaps its most valuable asset is that of supporting the heart and blood vessels.

For that reason, many health experts recommend increasing one’s dietary intake of L-arginine. And now, consumers everywhere can enjoy the benefits of L-arginine by using the market’s premiere L-arginine product – Forever Living’s Argi+.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive support of the heart, brain and blood vessels, Forever Living turned to its product development team to create the superior, best L-arginine supplement. In line with the company’s long history of premium-quality products, Argi+ was the result.

Best L-arginine supplement
Forever Argi+ L-arginine supplement

Benefits of Arginine
Now, consumers everywhere can enjoy its benefits. And it’s not just the company stating the need for Argi+ – company leaders also point to the science backing L-arginine.

“Literally dozens of studies demonstrate that L-arginine, especially if used in a carefully formulated product like Argi+, can produce dramatic benefits for the heart, the blood vessels, and the brain.” says Gregg Maughan, President of Forever Living Products. “And the benefits don’t stop there. The largest research indicates that the ingredients in Argi+ offer benefits for virtually every major system in the body.”

So how does L-arginine support cardiovascular function? The cardiovascular system – comprised of the heart, blood vessels, and blood – is a multifaceted compilation of components that carry our numerous functions, from transporting nutrients to the body’s cells to helping regulate body temperature. L-arginine assists in these functions by contributing to the creation of nitric oxide (NO), a key signaling compound that helps the cardio system to function optimally.

Recently emerging on the health and science scenes, nitric oxide’s cardio benefits were explained in research that won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1998. Since that time, research into L-arginine, nitric oxide and their benefits has exploded, yielding hundreds of new findings from researchers around the globe.

“It’s no surprise that research on NO won the Nobel Prize. In addition to helping the cardiovascular system, it can boost sexual function, support the muscles and bones, enhance nervous system and immune activity, and boost energy,” explains Maughan.

You can’t go wrong with Argi+ l-arginine

Now, Forever Living has taken advantage of this research, as well as its own development work, to create Argi+. Steve Hatchett, General Manager of Forever Nutraceutical, explains that by regularly using Argi+, consumers can expect tremendous benefits for the cardiovascular system and for the rest of the body.

“Consumers now can enjoy the full benefits of increased nitric oxide due to a superior-quality L-arginine product,” says Hatchett. “If you’re seeking to maintain your heart health – or even your overall health – you can’t go wrong with Argi+ L-arginine supplement.

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