Boost Your Sperm Count Significantly : Help your swimmers make like Michael Phelps.

You already know the benefits of omega fats on your brain and bones, but a study in the Journal of Nutrition found that men eating a higher amount of oily fish experience a boost in their sperm count by a massive 65%.

What’s more, the effects are almost immediate, meaning that what you choose for lunch can pay off by the time you sample the evening’s just desserts. Tuna may be the gym-bro’s staple, but going lean isn’t likely to help you in the procreation department: fish made up of at least 10% fat have the most impressive effect according to the people in white coats.

While they were at it, they also discovered that cutting out certain foods is just as important. Processed meats can serve to lower your semen quality, while the oiliest of fish, such as mackerel, strengthen the cell membranes that protect your sperm’s payload, making you more potent than Ryan Gosling on a motorbike. Nice catch.