Boost Your Immune System Naturally and Preserve Your Health

Boost Your Immune System Naturally and Preserve Your Health: Preventing the Nervous System and General Immunity, we begin by regulating the digestive system.

We eat quality vegetables obtained from a safe source. We supplement this juice Aloe vera which, though, does not originate in us, can however be obtained in natural form.

The intestinal flora needs to be maintained or restored to its original condition, as this ensures the integrity of the absorption surface.

In green plants, “life” is hidden.

Pirate, green barley, and alfalfa supply the body with energy, thereby improving oxygen supply and ensuring normal digestion.

Many Aloe vera, green plants, and intestinal flora preparations enable more efficient absorption of vitamins and minerals from food, thereby enhancing the proper functioning of the nervous system.


What are the symptoms to look out for?


According to World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, 50% of the population is dying of cardiovascular disease.

The cause of 51% is high blood pressure, 61% is too large, and 57% elevated cholesterol levels.

All of this has a partial effect on the nervous system, but with good nutrition, symptoms are alleviated or even prevent from the onset of the disease.

If we take into account all that we have said, we already know what to do: we will protect the nervous system if we eat foods with little carbohydrates.

Here, in the first place, we mean foods that are not needed in our daily diet – for example, sweets and cakes.

In today’s time, we eat a large number of fatty foods (meaning saturated fatty acids).

We change the diet and we eat foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as sea fish, salmon, liver, etc., to protect the walls of our vessels.


Unsaturated acids are classified into known groups Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9.

All of us need it, but attention must be paid to the appropriate ratio.

Easily come to Omega 6 from corn and sunflower oil or margarine.

It is important to inject Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids because we maintain a proper ratio of the cardiovascular system.

Omega 3 protects the lip walls from fat deposition, prevents the formation of clots, reduces overall cholesterol levels, LDL, and triglyceride levels, regulates the pressure.


Let’s not just ignore the fact that, for example, “the pressure is slightly raised, but otherwise I’m fine”!

Fluctuation in blood pressure can be prevented by protecting the wall of the vessel, and for this, it is the first-rate garlic. Healthy people should eat it every day!

If we do not allow this daily schedule or stomach, then we select a well-absorbing, effective, non-aggressive preparation that may contain garlic.

If the matter is more serious and the pressure is persistently high, it is worth taking with garlic and extract thymus.

Often there is a need for the protection of tears, those nerve cells.

High-quality preparation Ginkgo biloba improves cellular oxygen supply, reduces cramps in the arteries, improves blood vessels in thin vessels.

Gingko biloba, with fungus reishi and fo-ti, or with šisandra, means nourishment that prevents or decreases memory disorders, old dementia, and shortness of blood vessels in the thin veins.

Such a combination protects the blood vessels and helps regulate cholesterol levels.

Slimming blood vessels prevent the formation of blood clots and consequent blood flow disorders.

As a result of research conducted over the past decades, coenzyme Q10 took its place in daily diet.

It is unlikely to know that the cardiovascular system, heart, and nervous system need coenzyme Q10.

It is an important means of preventing atherosclerosis.

It regulates blood pressure, improves oxygen transport, in this way, and in spite of blood disorders, it is able to increase the oxygen supply of the affected areas.

Along with quality Q10, simultaneously take vitamins E and C, magnesium, and chromium, which reduce the atherosclerosis expression.

These substances help to alleviate the symptoms of embolism and thrombosis.

If we also take folic acid with them, vitamins B6 and B12, we regulate the level of homocysteine ​​in the body, which again protects the blood vessels wall.

Cholesterol levels should be adjusted to normal frames. Poor carbohydrate nutrition greatly contributes to this, but it also helps the aforementioned plants.

A useful substance for the protection of thin vessels is L-arginine.

If we consume it, blood problems such as cold hands, cold feet can disappear.

What, then, do?

One of the main rules of raising immunity is that we eat vegetables, and this is supplemented with aloe juice.

If we are familiar with a risk factor: diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity (how to lose up to 5 – 9 kilograms in 9 days), vascular disease, etc., we supplement the food with food that protects the vascular walls and contributes to the restoration of the normal functioning of the body.

That’s how we keep our health.


HEADACHE – Boost Your Immune System Naturally and Preserve Your Health

Everyone had a headache. Someone in life, but there are those who suffer from it from week to week.

Physicians are looking for a solution in both children and adults to prevent their emergence headaches (symptoms of migraine), or when it is already expressed, how to eliminate conditions when there is no organ degeneration (tumor, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders).

Headaches certainly require tests.

Nevertheless, in the background of unpleasant and often very serious headaches, only in 3-6% of cases there is a degeneration of the nervous system.

Frequencies of headaches such as migraines, cluster (cluster headache), or tension headaches can be alleviated by drinking 2,5 – 3 liters of pure water per day.

In a large number of cases, it only in itself raises the frequency of the attack. Drinking water does not replace sweet drinks, coffee, or alcohol.


Our goal is to prevent headaches!

I get good feedback on common aloe and cranberry, and it also helps to remove toxins.

Let’s take the royal jelly, which because of the high content of vitamins C, E and B help relieve the symptoms, strengthen resistance to stress (find out how to solve stress in a simple way), it is microelements and is an excellent source of energy.

Ginkgo biloba and mushroom reishi prevent fluid loss from the nervous system, improve oxygen supply and nutrients.

They improve digestive processes and help in the production of energy.

Oils rich in fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 are great for relieving headaches.


Do not forget the minerals! Boost Your Immune System Naturally and Preserve Your Health

Calcium, magnesium, or all microminerals help transfer stimuli and oxygen into the nervous system and improve metabolism.

Soy lecithin, together with Q10 coenzyme, or magnesium, contributes to oxygen supply enhancement and maintenance of energy production processes.

Their joint entry shortens the duration of headaches, and the attacks become less common.

Continuous taking L-arginine It can prevent the onset of headaches.

We have countless times experienced that stress and rushing lifestyles cause neck muscle stiffness.

If such a condition becomes permanent, it may prolong or even exacerbate the symptoms of headaches.

In such cases, movement, gymnastics, massages, and muscle relaxants are effective.



Let’s take the fluid, let’s get it done regularly!

Enrich our diet with plants, substances that protect the cardiovascular and nervous system with nutrients rich in vitamins B.

Get Healthy!


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