Good Nutrition Before, During And After Pregnancy

Good Nutrition Before, During And After Pregnancy: Gazing at my healthy, beautiful baby boy. I’m glad that I’ve learned that there is a time for everything… even a time to be patient and prudent in our efforts toward weight loss. Gone, temporarily for me, are the days when I could easily lose 3 to 4 pounds per day on a super heavy work-out regimen. Because I breast-fed, my baby relied totally on me for all of his nutrition and hydration, so I must pursued my post-pregnancy weight loss efforts safely and patiently to prevent any reduction in the quality and/or quality of my milk supply… and my energy! Thank goodness for my nutritional program and WALKING!

The two combined are allowed me to safely and pleasantly see my weight gradually approaching normal. Following the healthy, natural birth of our 9 pound son, I still weighed in with extra 30 extra pounds. Since, again, just as in utero, my baby still relied totally on me for nutrition and hydration, while nursing. I usually consumed 2500-3000 calories a day to ensure a rich milk supply, making weight loss difficult.

Fortunately, I learned how wonderful Forever Lite is for nursing mothers! Two servings per day with 10 ounces of skim milk provides 100% or more of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowances for protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals, plus fiber, amino acids, and aloe vera. So I did not have to consume so many calories to ensure that I’m getting enough nutrients for the baby! With lots of fresh fruits and veggies, Forever Lite helped my body produce the best possible nourishment for my baby, while allowed me to gradually lose weight. My energy level stayed high and felt wonderful! Along with the nutritional program, I needed to have some form of exercise, so one week after birth, I started walking. I found that it not only provided the cardio-vascular stimulation I needed, but is also a great stress-reliever! Unlike other forms of exercise, it was safe for me to start walking as soon as I felt like it. Walking is the ultimate form of exercise since it is safe and effective for everyone. Walking at a slower pace can burn the same number of calories if you just walk a little further.

Recent research has told us that walking just 12 miles per week for 1 year will result in a weight loss of around 18 pounds … even if you do nothing else! Add the nutritional program and you will ensure fast and healthy results. With my tight time constraints, I wanted everything I did to be as efficient and effective as possible, I was especially excited about Artic Sea Super omega-3, and what recent research had shown us. We already knew that omega-3 lowers our triglyceride levels and improves our cholesterol HDL ration significantly, but recent studies have revealed that it is also aerobic – it oxygenates the body: allows the body to better utilize available oxygen, and accelerates the body’s ability to clear fat from the bloodstream, increasing not only cardiovascular health and well being, but energy, endurance, and weight loss as well. I made my walking much more effective combining it with Forever Artic Sea. 3 month after my baby’s birth, I have already safely and with little effort, lost 20 pounds, while my baby grew fat and healthy on Mama’s “Forever ” Milk!

I have another 10 pounds to go to be back at “competition” weight, but I have the confidence to be patient… confidence in my nutritional program:

  • Forever Lite Ultra : two meals a day with 10oz skim milk
  • Aloe Berry Nectar or Aloe Vera Gel: at least 4 oz. a day
  • B12 with Folic Acid : 2 tablets a day
  • Forever Kids chewable multivitamin: at least 4 tablets daily
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits: all you want
  • Forever Bee Pollen and Propolis: 3 tablets each per day.
  • Forever Artic Sea  : 6 tablets a day.
  • Water: eight to ten oz. glasses a day.
  • Walking! 12 miles a week. Now it is my time to be patient… and by the time it’s summer I’ll be fit for my swimsuit.

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