My Weight Loss Story……How it all started

My Weight Loss Story……How it all started : 23 Years Old Nigeria Youth Corper Shared her weight loss story that Revealed New Weight Loss Discover That Doesn’t Require using Painful Exercise


I have always been slender since childhood and through my days in the university, and not for once did it cross my mind that I will ever struggle with weight gain. After graduating, I awaited youth service for some months, and then I went to camp. The claims that people lose weight as a result of drilling in the camp is a fallacy. I literarily came back fat, within 3 weeks of camping I had already added another dress size! Blame it on the variety of foods, snacks, drinks, and peppersoup bowls all available at the camp ground. That was literarily all I thought of during the boring nerve- wrecking lectures that took place for hours! Mami – market was like my happy space.

After the three weeks camp was over, I resumed work at my PPA and later went home for Christmas. During Christmas, there was lots to eat and drink, swallow was not exempted. When my family and I go to visit our family friends, we were served food all in the name of “compliment of the season”. I kept adding more and more weight!  I tried exercising early in the morning before the days’ activity but harmattan will not let me be great! I always chose the second option, which is adjusting myself in my duvet and sleeping for more hours. “I cannot come and die” that’s what I do tell myself.

By the time it was January, I was already looking like a “big fitness exercise ball”! The only difference is that there was nothing fit about the way I looked. My face was now well rounded and a double- chin was beginning to surface, I died in my heart every time I looked in the mirror. I was so sad. I didn’t know what to do. My jeans were now so tight, I started sweating a lot more than normal, my make-up started looking weird; in fact I was literarily losing my “cool”.

I started searching the internet frantically for what I could use to lose this weight that came crashing on my world. At the end of February, I had visited all the malls in my area and bought all their available diet teas and pills that claim to help one lose weight. I use different teas from different brand online as well yet my weight held on to me like a soldier ant holds on to its target. This fat was here to stay. I had to fix this; I could not go on like this. Whenever I sit down, the folds from my back fat sits with me. It was an eye sour.

One day, I went to see my aunty that sells clothes at Balogun market to pick up materials for my mum. We all fondly call her “Iya mi leko”, this was because she loved partying and looking her best all day, every day. Her shakara was top notch, she is what I described as a modern day “old mama youngi”. On getting to her shop, she screamed at the very sight of me. She was appalled at my tremendous weight gain. And she said, “you are not even married and you are this fat, how are we going to ever find you a good suitor in time for marriage?” I just foolishly stared down at my feet, as if the answers to her question were encrypted on my toes while wondering what my weight had to do with getting married and if marriage was a gate fee to growing fat.

After that horrible experience, I embacked on the search for permanent solution to the fatness, I met an old college mate in Ikeja who introduced me to Ezekiel, a young man and Ezrekiel introduce a product to me and guaranteed me that if I didn’t see result, that he will refund my money. I initially was reluctant but when I noticed Ezekiel was kind of interested in me, I gave him the benefit of doubt – at least, he wants to impress me.

He gave me this forever Living Clean9, Fit1, Fit2 and I told myself, is this not one of the money wasting regimes? Then my friend asked me to buy the first pack which is clean9 and after just 9days of taking the clean9 pack, I went to measure my weight and to my wildest surprise, I lost 9POUNDS in just 9days and what amazes me the most is the level of discipline the supplements made me have. And I didn’t have to buy more, I just followed the instructions in the pack till today, I maintained the shape I wanted and it also boost my fertility life and my system was balanced and I feel younger again.

Till today am thankful to my friend for introducing me to Ezekiel. Whenever I look in the mirror I smile cause I look so hot and confident…. I am so happy they offer payment on delivery on like other companies, so there is no fear of being scammed.

For more enquires call or whatsapp Ezekiel on +2348038934814

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