HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH FOREVER: This is the most interesting part of this report. Let me introduce you to an opportunity of a lifetime. You can become a distributor of Clean 9 and other quality products for FREE!
This is because the company wants you to succeed.
There are two major ways you can make money with this opportunity.

1. Retail Profit

This is the difference between the cost price of the products and their selling prices. For example if you come in as a FREE distributor, you will purchase Clean 9 at the rate of N30,500 (inclusive of courier charges ) and sell at any price ranging from N37,000 to N40,000.
Once you become wholesale qualified, you buy at a further discount and maximize profit.(Cost price will be N30,000 and sell at a convenient price of not less than N41,000)
The difference is your retail profit.

2. Company Bonus

There is also a bonus paid by the company over all purchases made for your personal use or for business. The company calculates this based on its official “selling price” and not the cost price.
This bonus not open to FREE distributors until they become wholesale qualified.
This takes me to another very important subject.


There is a point attached to every product in this program. This point serves 3 major purposes.
1. They determine your commission from the company
2. They move you higher in the business ladder and this means more money
3. They help you move from just been a FREE distributor (who can’t earn company bonus) to a wholesale qualified distributor (who can make both retail profit and company bonus).
So how many points do I need to become wholesale qualified?
It’s is just 2cc (2 case credits).
So how do I achieve this with my Clean 9 business?

Very simple!

A pack of Clean9 actually comes with a case credit of 0.465.
So it therefore means that for you to make 2cc,
you just need to sell 5 Clean 9 packs to your “Hungry fish”.
i.e 5 X 0.465cc = 2.325 cc
Important: This target you must meet within 2 months.
Sincerely, this is very cheap and easy to do with the marketing strategy I will soon share with you. Using that same strategy, I don’t do less than four Clean 9 packs per week!
Immediately you achieve your 2cc this way, you automatically move up the ladder to become wholesale qualified and also a ranked distributor with the title “Assistant Supervisor”
What does this means?
As Assistant Supervisor, you can now order products cheaper. For example the same Clean 9 pack that you once ordered for N30,500 as a FREE distributor, can now be ordered for N29,000 and still sell for as high as N40,000!


The company will now offer you the following incentives as Asst. Supervisor:
a. 25% commission on any of your friends, families, or whoever also register into the business through you. Once they achieve their 2cc, you get this commission
b. 5% commission on your own personal purchases or any purchase you make to resell to other people.
c. 5% commission on the purchases of your referred friends, families, or whoever came in through you as soon as they achieve their 2cc.
All these are apart from your retail profit!
So if you are really passionate about success, then you need to come on board and encourage others to do so.
Imagine if you have 10 friends who came in like you and everyone including you make your minimum of five Clean 9 packs within 1 month, it means you will have a cumulative case credits of your own 2cc plus their own (2 x10)=making it 22cc overall/month.
As a matter of fact, the strategy I will soon show you will ensure you and every of your 10 friends make an average of 5cc/month!
This is serious business and good money. It will also help you achieve the level of a Manager in this business where you enjoy more incentives and qualify for several other things.
More on Manager later. Just note that the higher you move up, the higher the commissions you receive from the company.

Good Luck! if you need an assistance, kindly call or whatsapp on 08038934814

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