36 Female Infertility Symptoms and The Natural Solution

36 Female Infertility Symptoms and The Natural Solution

36 Female Infertility Symptoms and The Natural Solution

36 Female Infertility Symptoms and The Natural Solution: 1. Menses too early and painful, thick and almost black. Yeast infection during menses. Ovarian neuralgia left sided with neuralgic pains going down the thigh (electric like Pains). Neuralgic pains during menses with neuralgic headaches. Weakness and difficulty assimilating nutrients from the diet.

2. Ovaritis or ovarian inflammation which is worse on the right side with soreness and stinging pains. Painful menses with severe ovarian pains. Great tenderness of uterine region.

3. Chronic pelvic disorders, Itchy white vaginal discharge that smells like fish. Sterility, endometriosis, intense menstrual colicky pains. Warts on genitals, ovarian pain worse on the left side or that goes from one ovary to the other. Menses have an offensive odor and are dark. Ailments after suppressed gonorrhea.

4. Left ovary very painful and swollen (cysts). Swollen, burning uterus. Pain relieved by menstrual flow. PMS with inflamed and swollen breasts. Worse from suppressed menses caused by birth control pill or other hormonal therapies

5. Very irritable, Menses are irregular, too early and last too long. The blood can be dark with fainting spells. Metrorrhagia (abnormal menstrual bleeding) with sensation of passing stool. Irritable bladder

6. Menses too early and too scanty, lasting too long with hemorrhages from the uterus between periods. White discharges that are burning and come instead of menses. Uterine polyps and amenorrhea with bleeding in other parts of the body (nose bleeds).

7. Menses too early, too profuse, too long. Uterine polyps and sterility with heavy menstrual flow and cutting pain in the uterus during menses. Swollen breasts before menses.

8. Hemorrhages from uterine fibroids with aching in the back and a general bruised feeling. Heavy clots during uterine cramps. Bleeding between periods. Menses are too frequent and heavy. Every other period is very heavy. Difficulty recovering from a period before another begins.

9. Anemia with dizziness, uterine hemorrhages from fibroids with cramp-like pains and a sensation of broken hips. Threatened miscarriages with gushing of bright blood on the least movement.

10. Flabby conditions of the uterus with hemorrhages. Uterus becomes hypertrophied; the cervix bleeds easily, ovaries burn and become swollen. Profuse menses after miscarriage. Blood flow can be clotted forming long black strings.

11. Threatened abortions about the third month. Brown discharges. Menses irregular, heavy dark flow. Burning pain in the uterus. Hemorrhages. Menstrual colic.

12. Cramps and colicky pains in the pelvic region. Menses are too late and when they come they are scanty and last for a few hours. Bearing down pains before menses. Ovarian region feels heavy and congested. Aching in sacral area extending to the front of the thighs. Frequent miscarriage early on during a pregnancy may be due to luteal phase defect.

13. Profuse dark menses. Pain in ovaries and amenorrhea (absent menses).Hormonal acne. Pains immediately before menses which are profuse, offensive, dark coagulated blood with backache.

14. Weak uterus, painful small joints and thrush. The cervix is very rigid. False labor and failure to progress during labor. Needle-like pains in the cervix. Painful periods with pains flying to other parts of the body.

15. Hemorrhage from the uterus, profuse and bright red. Leucorrhea (white discharges) between periods with urinary irritation. Bloody discharges on exertion. Weak uterus. Nose bleeds instead of menses (vicarious menstruation).

36 Female Infertility Symptoms and The Natural Solution

16. Ovarian inflammation (ovaritis) with sterility. Infertility with increase sexual desire. Vaginismus and itchy vagina. Menses too early, too profuse, dark clotted with spasms and bearing down pains.

17. Congestion and ante-version of uterus with bearing down sensation. Early, scanty, dark clotted menses with the flow only when moving about.

18. Menses too late with recurrent amenorrhea (absent menses), bladder inflammation and congested kidneys accompanied by back pain. Nervous and irritable an unable to concentrate on one thing.

19. Scanty menses, sterility, transparent discharges often staining yellow. Nervous palpitations with recurrent nose bleeds. Lowered sex drive.

20. Menstrual colic worse right ovary with dark and irregular menses with brown discharges during the entire cycle. Continuous watery blood discharges until the next period. Never been well since a miscarriage or pregnancy

21. Warts on vulva and perineum. Vaginal discharge is profuse, thick and green in color. Severe pain in the left ovary and left inguinal region. Menses are scanty and late. Polypi and fleshy growths. Profuse perspiration before menses. Ailments from vaccinations.

22. Enlargements of the uterus, fibroid growths and prolapsed uterus. Uterine tumors with bearing down sensation and painful periods.

23. Bleeding with uterine fibroids. Irritability before and during menses. Pain in the ovaries and difficult menses.

36 Female Infertility Symptoms and The Natural Solution

24. Very tired women with a weight and a dragging sensation in the uterus with tendency to Prolapse especially after miscarriages. Back pain after miscarriages. Malposition of the uterus. Itchy vagina and vulva with white discharges. Constant pain over the kidneys. Diabetes mellitus and insipidus.

25. Weepy and moody before period. Cramping painful periods with cramps before period arrives. Nausea, vomiting before periods aggravated by eating fatty foods. Bloating feeling, swollen breasts and back pain before period. Weight gain before menses.

26. Infertility after birth control, miscarriages, abortions. Cramps before period with a dragging sensation as if the uterus would fall out. For this reason, patient tends to cross their legs and suffer from poor circulation to the uterus and pelvic region. Itchy, burning white, yellow-green discharges.  Worse after intercourse and dread having sex because it can be painful or they feel exhausted afterward. Violent stitching pains going upwards in the vagina, from uterus to umbilicus.

27. Infertility in cases of underdeveloped ovaries.

28. Infertility after recurrent miscarriage

29. Low sex drive and depression are the cause of infertility

30. Anxiety and stress are contributing to infertility

31. Low immunity level causes infertility.

32. Burning in ovaries and uterus. Tumors and polyps of uterus.

33. Uterine displacements, Lack of tone in the uterus. Worse standing and walking.

34. Vaginal discharges like egg white with sensation as if warm water was flowing.

35. Ovaries have exhausted their energy after undergoing a series of infertility treatments.

36. Boring pain in left ovary. Round, small cysts in the ovaries or broad ligaments. Painful menses with bearing down cramps which are better by bending double.

36 Female Infertility Symptoms and The Natural Solution

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